Microsoft Teams instruction 6 January 2022

Dear Orchestra member

Here are the instructions for joining tonight’s online AGM.

Please note we have had to switch from Zoom (the programme used for online rehearsals) to Microsoft Teams, so please try to access the meeting 10 mins before the start so we can sort out problems.

The reason for the switch is that:

  1. We found this morning that we can no longer get around the 40 minutes time-limit that Zoom applies (we could get around this when we did rehearsals thanks to Kaylee, but she no longer has that facility).
  2. Not every orchestra member could use Zoom and so there is an advantage in trying Teams.
  3. Teams did not exist when we started rehearsals, but has since been released and taken over as what most users find to be the most easily-used programme. It has no time limit.
  4. If it works, it could be the solution to some members not being able to join in online zoom rehearsals, if we are forced to return to online rehearsals.
  5. Teams allows you to practice accessing the meeting at any time, hours before the meeting starts. Therefore if you have no experience with Teams, you can practise the instructions below. Note that most computers make the person muted when they enter, by turning off the microphone on the PC, and you may have to manually turn on your camera and microphone. However that is easy to do.
  6. Once the AGM starts, please mute you microphone to avoid a lot of background noise. If you want to say something, raise you real hand or, preferably, click on the yellow ‘raise hand’ icon, which is more visible (remember to lower that icon hand after you have finished speaking).


I apologise for this last minute change but we only just found out about the problem with Zoom.

Instructions for joining the Teams meeting (which you can do as a practice at any time)

To access teams, you should just need to click on the blue highlighted link below.

 (Microsoft Edge is best for Teams if you have it).

Microsoft Teams meeting

Join on your computer or mobile app

Click here to join the meeting

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