Covid Protocols

The committee discussed our COVID protocols and have decided with the following new guidance:

Masks. We will now move to a position where individuals will chose for themselves whether they wear a mask when playing. Please be considerate of each other however, and respect each other’s wishes.

Sharing stands. If strings wish to share stands, they may. If they wish not to share their stand, they may. We recommend that wind continue to use separate stands. If strings are not sharing stands, they may want to consult on some of the various techniques by which cellos and wind use photocopies to overcome difficult page turns.

Ventilation. This cannot be a personal choice, because we have to make a decision for the whole orchestra. We will therefore continue with good ventilation.

Testing. This afternoon the Government announced that free lateral flow tests (LFTs) would be available until June. At the very least, they will be available until after the next concert, and so we ask members to keep testing on the day of each rehearsal.

Rehearsal length and break. The majority of the orchestra wished to keep the current rehearsal length arrangements.