FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Information for New Members (28 Nov 2018)


Q.  Where does the orchestra rehearse?  A.  Normally in Bramshaw Village Hall.  In the week before a concert, some rehearsal may take place at the concert venue.  Announcements in rehearsal and the website will alert you to this.

Q.  What should we wear for a concert?  A.  This varies between concerts, depending on the venue and style of music, and is announced about 2 weeks before the concert and put on the website.

Q.  Is there a rota for putting chairs away after rehearsal?  A. No, we work around the issue that not everyone can, as follows… some people have to rush away some days (e.g. for childcare), and some people might have physical difficulties lifting chairs; so if all those that can lift a chair could take their own chair plus one other, we’ll manage fine.  Importantly, there are fewer people who are able to turn up early to put chairs and timpani out before each rehearsal, so if you can come early please do

Q. What time is start time for rehearsals?  A. Arrive in time so that by 7.45 pm you are ready to take the oboe A to tune – remember there’s not much point in tuning up a cold instrument so you need to leave time before the oboe ‘A’ to warm up, set up your stand.  If you can arrive early enough to help put out chairs and timpani, it always helps.

Q. Do I need to bring a music stand?  A.  Everyone must bring a pencil, their music, and a stand (even if you think you are sharing a stand with someone else, they might be delayed, so have your own ready).

Q. Can I photocopy music?  A.  If in doubt, consult the librarian. The rule-of-thumb is that anything old enough to be on IMSLYP is out of copyright, and can be printed out or photocopied as much as you like. But anything that is still in copyright has rules against photocopying, which usually are that you can use a photocopy for rehearsal, but never for performance where someone pays for a ticket.

Q. Is the tea and coffee free?  A. There is a small charge written on the jar. You can pay each time, or put in more to cover a number of weeks.