Blog 16 Good News


After nearly 18 months of being unable to share our music with our audiences we are putting on a concert.

WHERE? Bramshaw Village Hall Lawn, Row Hill, SO43 7JE

WHEN? Sunday 18th July at 4.00pm

There is no entry charge but there will be a retiring collection in aid of the Bramshaw Village Hall and Orchestra funds.

This has been a very difficult year and a half for the orchestra, being unable to meet for in person rehearsals or put on any concerts. We have managed to get by with online Zoom rehearsals, which are not really any substitute for the real thing, but better than nothing. Things did improve slightly this year, as it became possible for first the strings players to meet in person, with very strict Covid-19 compliant measures in place, and then from 20th May, with the wind players included, as restrictions were relaxed. This has been great, once we became used to playing with doors and windows open, music flying off stands in the cross winds, the wearing of masks with all the attendant problems of glasses steaming up, and not really being able to have sensible conversations from 2 meters distance.

The village hall have had to cope with their own set of problems, starting with Covid-19 forcing them to close down, followed by the terrible flood last summer which rendered the hall unusable, with no end to the restorations currently ongoing in clear sight.

Both the orchestra and the village hall are valuable local institutions which provide rich cultural and recreational activities to the wider local community, so please come to our concert, enjoy the lovely music, relax with a glass of wine afterwards, and then give generously to help ensure the continuing survival of these 2 precious jewels of the forest.

We are all praying for a lovely sunny day, but if this doesn’t happen, we will do our best to carry on, but please check on the website or the orchestras face-book page in case we are forced to cancel.

Our Autumn concert will be at Hythe Cornerstone URC Church on Saturday 23rd October