Blog 14 The Covid Cello Project

The Covid Cello Project

 At a time when many of us sadly miss the opportunity to meet to play music together the Covid Cello Project has brought much joy and friendship to the Internet cello community. Tony Rogers, a cellist, teacher, performer, arranger and composer located in Texas, USA, has become something of a cello hero to those participating in the Covid Cello Project. He has created a collaborative performance project during COVID times, grown solely through word of mouth and social media sharing, to now include 278 cellists from around the world (including members of the Solent Concert Orchestra cello section).  

Classic FM featured the Tony’s 10th video, his arrangement of Adagio for Strings by Samuel Barber, commenting that the project united cellists in “one special moment”: The 11th video is currently in production – a technical feat not to be under-estimated!   

All projects are open to all cellists at all levels so if you are a cellist and would like to join in the next project, do visit for more information and to sign up. 


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