Blog 13 Dramatic end to August

Although we normally take a break from rehearsals during August, the social isolation that the pandemic can cause, and the restraint on holidays and socializing, meant that we held two social events, quizzes kindly arranged and delivered with great fun by Carol. The new rehearsal schedules are just about to be distributed to players, as will be the feedback from the survey we conducted through Making Music on our thoughts as to face to face rehearsals. There is a diversity of opinion in the orchestra and the committee will be discussing this, and the survey feedback, in coming days. However our options to meet in Bramshaw Village Hall have been reduced, as the hall will be closed, perhaps until Christmas, to repair storm damage. Andrew has checked our music, and it is safe, but some of the larger instruments are being relocated to protect them whilst repair work is taking place. If anyone has an empty room lacking a tympani at home, you have only to say….


1 September, 2020


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