Music to download

Music to download for the autumn concert:

There are two pieces to download : O Vis Aeternitatus and Pastime with Good Companie which have been arranged for us by Simon with the parts listed below.  Please click on the part for your instrument for each piece. All but percussion are a single side.

O Vis Aeternitatus
The two flute parts are on one, as are the two horns. Small orchestra scoring for 2/2+CA/2/Asax/1 2Hn glock strings
Pastime with Good Companie
NB there are no clarinets in this arrangement: the players will be playing recorders instead.

In addition there is a list of all the pieces we will be playing with links to recordings. The versions we play will not necessarily be the same as the links, but it will remind you of the tunes, which will mostly be very familiar.

1              Hildegard of Bingen /arr Wilkins: O Vis Aeternitatus

2              Henry VIII/ arr Wilkins: Pastime with Good Companie

3              Charpentier (Arrangement): Te Deum –  Prelude

4              Handel/ arr Kitcherside: Music for the Royal Fireworks: Overture

5              Mozart/arr Kitcherside: Eine Kleine Nachtmusic – Serenade in G

6              Schubert: March Militaire no 1

7              Tchaikovsky: Swan Lake- no1 Scene

8              Saint-Saens: Danse Macabre

9              Lehar: Gold and Silver Waltz

10           Vaughan-Williams: Prelude on Rhosymedre

11           Prokofiev/Wilkins: Classical Symphony – Gavotte

12           Shostakovich/arr Kitcherside: Waltz no 2

13           Anderson: The Typewriter

14           Conti& Leeson: For Your Eyes Only

15           Andrews: Tango (from Fanfare Blues and Tango)

16           Badelt:  Pirates of the Caribbean