Dear Members 

The orchestra continues its activities, online, on Thursday nights via Zoom, where we are having ‘sectional’ rehearsals and a short chat break.  The link can be found in the  zoom document in the members’ section. 

We are very sorry that those members who do not have access to the internet are not able to participate – if you have any suggestions of other inclusive activities, please let us know, as I am afraid this situation is unlikely to resolve for some time.  If you are unable to join us, you could still use the rehearsal schedule and recording links to practise at the same time.  

In the meantime, as an orchestra we will continue to find new ways to operate.  Our Zoom meetings are a start, but there will be other things we can do, and your suggestions are welcome.  Zoom rehearsals that encompass sections of the orchestra do allow us to do some playing together, in a limited form, and we are getting better at it.  There are simple rules that help meetings with many people on zoom run well (the number one being, mute your microphone unless you are speaking to the whole rest of the group). 

We are conducting an exercise to calculate the fixed costs we cannot avoid (e.g. contracts were have), which is likely to result in a request for reduced subscriptions to ensure we can keep going. 

I want to thank the rest of the committee for keeping things going whilst I was ill over the last 6 weeks, and to everyone else who has worked extra hard to keep the orchestra going in these extraordinary times.  They did a splendid job.  



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