Blog 9 Many hands make light work

Well done to all players and our conductor for an excellent performance on Sunday – as ever, our ‘symphony’ concerts are built around the most challenging programmes of the year, and without doubt this was difficult  Nevertheless, we showed again that our standard continues to improve. We have yet to tally up the ticket sales, but our Charity for the day (The Society of St James) raised £202.74 from the collecting buckets and they send us a big thank you.

I would like to extend a big thank you to everyone who helped with the logistics and administration: library, advertising, publicity and social media and feedback, refreshments, ticket sales, programme etc. If we consider just the issue of guest players, we identify what positions are needed from the diligence of our register keepers; we fill those places with named individuals because of Elspeth’s continual efforts and also the hard work of members who suggest possible people and sound them out, and Sue organizing and welcoming new enquiries from website and phone; our library team work to sort out music for Guest players, which gets to them through the good graces of members who take it to them; Mary obtains and distributes thank you gifts to Guest Players; and Andrew and many others ensure there is space for them.

Talking of Andrew, he did a magnificent job as Concert Manager in scouting out the venue, its parking and access etc., and we are extremely grateful to him and his assistant, Martin (who, we are glad to hear, is making a good recovery, having been not well enough to play in the concert).  However on the day itself, Andrew undertook a lot of physical lifting (with help from June, Howard and others) because, in amongst all the logistics associated with being Concert Manager, there is also a lot of weight-lifting (lights, cabling, tympani, stands, plinths etc).  The ‘lifting’ team really needs young, muscular additions who still have the knees they were born with.  Can I appeal to any such folk to send their names to Caroline so that we can rebuild that team for the physical work, allowing Andrew and Martin to focus on the administrative aspects?  Many hands make light work – literally.